The Real Value of a Dollar

The truth is, a dollar is worth exactly what you think it is. In other words, if you're prone to saying, "It's only $100.", then the value of $100 gets reduced in your world. In my world, $100 is a lot of money!

If you're guilty of reducing the value of your hard-earned money, then it's time to re-adjust your attitude towards money. Start valuing money as if it were time. I guarantee you you'll be more hesitant about spending 4 months of your salary on a car or 5 hours of your salary on one meal at a restaurant.

You worked hard for that money, sacrificing time with your family, so don't sell yourself short! When you really value every dollar of your money you'll start to naturally look for ways to save on things you buy. And I'm not talking about any huge, time-consuming efforts here, I just mean that you'll start to notice things like:

  • a can of pop can cost $1.50, but you can get a whole case on sale for $3.99.
  • a new bicycle costs $100+, but you can pick up a 10 speed at a garage sale for $10 (we just did!)
  • take-out pizza can cost $20+, but the frozen ones go on sale for $5 

You can gain a lot from a new outlook on the value of a dollar and those little savings add up over time!

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