What's Your Financial Panic Point?

What's your zero?

In other words, what's the point at which you start to obsessively worry about your money and actively start looking for solutions? Is it when your account balance hits $1,000? $100? $10? $0?!?!!

Yeah, me too.....or at least it used to be $0. I used to feel super relaxed about our money as long as our bank balance wasn't at or below $0. Of course, as soon as it would dip below the zero, my solution was to let our credit card debt accumulate. This crazy tolerance for zero kept us in a spiraling cycle of debt for years!

So when we paid off our debt (the most recent and final time), I added a crucial step to my financial plan....I reset my panic point. And I added new panic points for our credit cards.

So now I have a tolerance for zero, but it's our credit card balances that need to stay there

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